Our team is made up of dedicated, compassionate educators who have a heart for children.  In addition to our leadership team and Specials teachers, we have 1 Lead & 1 Assistant Teacher per classroom with over 70% of our staff having advanced degrees.  Further, all of our teachers complete at least 10 new training hours per year.  All teachers and staff are CPR, AED, & First Aid certified.

Terry Huey
Lead Pastor
Angela York

Angela is from Springfield, Missouri. This is her 11th year serving as SBCA Director and 19th year on staff at Summit serving preschoolers & their families. She led SBCA’s initiative to become a Preschool of Excellence in 2020. She is dedicated to serving students, families, her team, and the local community. Please contact Angela with any questions about SBCA, enrollment, or to schedule a tour:

Jennifer Ray
Assistant Director

Jennifer is from Huber Heights, Ohio.   This is her 6th year serving with SBCA.  She oversees SBCA's resources and offers support to teachers as needed.  She is committed to keeping the team organized and energized.

Angie Yount
Administrative Assistant

Angie is from Acworth, Georgia.  This is her 4th year serving with SBCA.  With a Masters in Early Childhood Education and 16 years of teaching experience, she loves making the classroom experience magical for each and every student. 

Sandy Mashburn
1st Grade Teacher

Sandy is from Powder Springs, Ga.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education & holds a current Georgia teaching certificate in childhood education P-5.  This is her 6th year serving with SBCA, in addition to a total of 30+ years of teaching experience.  She loves teaching & seeing the pure joy of learning in the eyes of her students.

Marie Goff
Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Marie is from Kennesaw, Ga. This is her 11th year serving at SBCA & first year as the Lead Kindergarten Teacher. With her teaching experience & Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, she uses her knowledge to make her class a hands-on and engaging environment. She also enjoys developing & implementing the curriculum for SBCA’s Summer Camp.

Dana Callan
Assistant Kindergarten Teacher

Dana Callan is from Morristown, New Jersey.  This is her 6th year serving with SBCA.  She assists the lead teacher in many roles.  She loves helping, guiding, and motivating this new generation of preschoolers and kindergarteners. 

Jamie Winklesky
Lead Pre K Teacher
& Team Lead

Jamie is from Kennesaw, Georgia.  This is her 11th year serving with SBCA.  With a bachelor’s degree in sociology and minor in psychology along with 10+ years of teaching experience, she is passionate about teaching Pre-K and leading the team of Pre-K teachers. 

Rebecca Porch
Assistant Pre K Teacher

Rebecca is from Kennebunk, Maine and moved to Georgia when she was 10 years old. She has enjoyed supporting preschoolers through serving as a permanent sub at SBCA for the last two years.  She is looking forward to continuing to impact children in her first year as an assistant teacher!

Ashleigh Spain
Lead Pre K Teacher

Ashleigh is from Erie, PA.  This is her 5th year serving with SBCA.  With a bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family Studies, a Special Education teaching certification, and 12+ years of teaching experience throughout various grade levels, Ashleigh brings great enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge to her Pre-K classroom. 

Emma Loeffller
Assistant Pre K Teacher

Emma is from Parker, Colorado. This is her 3rd year serving as an assistant teacher in the Pre K 4s program.  With 8+ years of experience in serving children, she's very passionate about helping young people grow and learn.

Samantha Reeves
Lead Pre K Teacher

Samantha is from Jacksonville, Alabama. This is her 2nd year teaching at SBCA.  With a B.A. in Spanish and 4 years of teaching experience, she has enjoyed educating a wide range of students--from high school Spanish to preschool Spanish and now to Pre-k teacher. She loves new experiences!

Rose Ann Villegas
Assistant Pre K Teacher

Rose Ann is from Boston, Massachusetts and has been in the Atlanta area for 11 years.  This is her 1st year assisting in the Pre K program at SBCA.  With her service in the US Army, paraprofessional certification, & wide array of childcare experiences, she is excited to be making a difference in the lives of children.  

Jane Bragg
Lead 3s Teacher

& Team Lead

Jane Bragg is from Kennesaw, Ga. This is her 5th year serving at SBCA in the 3s program.  With a Technical Certificate of Credit in Early Childcare Education and over 20 years experience in early childcare education, she loves teaching the children about Jesus and encouraging them to be excited about learning.

Laura Whitlock
Assistant 3s Teacher

Laura is from Marietta, GA. This is her 4th year serving with SBCA. With a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and 18+ years of experience teaching 3-year olds, she loves watching them grow and bloom over the year.

Chelsey Queen
Lead 3s Teacher

Chelsey lives in Acworth, GA.  She has served as a Lead Teacher for the 3s program for 4 years. Her favorite things about teaching the 3s are planning special events for the children along with being a part of the immense growth in independence and motor skills that occur throughout the year.

Bethany Sanders
Assistant 3s Teacher

Bethany was born in Warwick, Rhode Island.  This is her 4th year serving at SBCA. Her favorite part of serving as an Assistant Teacher in the Threes is helping the kids grow and become ready to excel in Pre K 4s.

Jenny Randolph
Lead 2s Teacher
& Team Lead

Jenny is from Cincinnati, OH.  She has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and Spanish.  She has volunteered in children ministries for over 10 years & has found her passion teaching in the 2s program at SBCA.  She has worked as a lead teacher at SBCA for 6 years and loves helping children gain independence and confidence as they learn new skills.

Adriana Moore
Assistant 2s Teacher
& Team Lead

Adriana is originally from Columbia and has loved living in the USA for the last 19 years. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Business.  This will be her 9th year serving with SBCA. As a 2s Assistant Teacher and Wee Ones/Toddler Team Lead, she loves children and teaching them.  

Melody Nguyen
2s Co-Teacher

Melody is originally from Florida but has lived in Georgia for the last 11 years.  Her love for children has led her to serve with the children's ministry, classrooms, sports teams, and Girl Scouts. In her 4th year serving with SBCA, she is excited to teach the 2s class and watch them and their minds grow. 

Nicole Gooch
2s Co-Teacher

Nicole Gooch is from Pueblo, Colorado & has been living in Acworth for 23 years. This is her 2nd year serving in the 2s program at SBCA. Her love for working with children has led her to serve with numerous children's ministries, classrooms, and sports teams for over 20 years. She's excited to teach children and watch them grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

Amanda Martin 
Lead 2s Teacher

Amanda is from Marietta, Georgia and this is her 6th year teaching at SBCA. Her love for children has led her to serve in youth and children's ministries for over 15 years.  With that experience, she especially loves serving as a Lead Teacher in the 2s program.

Lisa Sengvixay
Assistant 2s Teacher

Lisa Sengvixay is originally from Florida, but moved to Georgia at 2 years old. This is her 3rd year at SBCA assisting in the Toddler/Twos program. As an Assistant Teacher in the 2s program, she really enjoys working with this fun age group. 

Laura Kasibante
Lead Toddler

While Laura has lived in Uganda the past 10 years, she calls Georgia home. With a bachelor’s degree in elementary music education and 12 years of teaching experience in both Georgia and Uganda, she is thrilled to lead the Toddler class in her first year at SBCA!

Karna Case
Assistant Toddler Teacher

Karna is from Naples, Fl. She has a Master’s degree in Elementary Education and 5 years experience in education. She loves assisting anyway she’s needed and helping with creative projects. She is excited to begin her 2nd year at SBCA!

Samantha Harper
Lead Wee Ones

Samantha is from Savannah, Georgia & has been in Kennesaw for the last 6 years.  With a bachelor's degree in science education and 15 years of teaching experience, she is excited to serve as the Lead Wee Ones teacher in her 2nd year at SBCA.  She loves working with the little ones because they never let you forget the wonder of boundless curiosity.

Assistant Wee Ones Teacher

Coming soon.

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Ashley Mullins
Music & Movement Teacher

Ashley grew up in Welcome, NC. With a BA in Elementary Education and experience teaching a variety of subjects and grade levels for the past 25 years (including music with preschool through 12th grade), she is excited to lead Music & Movement in her first year at SBCA!

Ashton White
Spanish Teacher

Ashton is from Atlanta, Georgia and is excited to begin her 1st year as the Spanish Teacher at SBCA!  With her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, she is looking forward to this new journey in teaching young people.

Kasey Harvill
Librarian/Media Specialist

Kasey is from Newnan, Georgia.  This is her 4th year serving at SBCA & 1st year serving as the Librarian/Media Specialist.  With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature & a Masters in Educational Leadership along with 10+ years of teaching experience, she is passionate about cultivating a love for reading and learning at the beginning of children's educational journey.