About EZCare Parent Portal

With our EZCare parent portal, our children's preschool families can securely and easily do the following: view and pay tuition, manage and update family/child information, and print invoices, receipts, and year-to-date statements.  Additionally, families can view our password protected helpful information such as our Student Handbook and Supplies List. 

EZCare How Tos

Create Your Account

Make a Payment

Obtain Year-To-Date Statements

  1. Login and select the "YTD Payment Statement" option from the Home Screen. If you are using the "I want to..." menu, select "Run YTD Statement" from the dropdown.

  2. Confirm the date range you are pursuing is correct.

  3. Choose whether you want the full details or summary.

  4. Select whether to have the statement emailed to you or printed.

Update Personal Contact Information

  1. Login and select the "Family" in the top left corner of the Home Screen. 

  2. Scroll down to both Parent/Guardian 1 & Parent/Guardian 2 to update contact information as needed.  (E-mail addresses cannot be updated through EZCare; those changes must be e-mailed directly to the Director at

  3. Once you are done updating, click the orange "SAVE" button in the top right corner to save your changes.

Parent Portal Login for EZCare

To access the EZCare Parent Portal, click the "EZCare Login" button below or copy & paste this link in your browser: